The Books

‘One More Minute’ is Scott’s first self-published novel.

Michael is an ordinary guy biding his time while he goes through the daily grind of working at his local court office. Then one day a new girl starts, Donna and he takes her under his wing. Little does he know that she will take his heart in exchange.

Love has been a rare and elusive commodity in Michael’s past, certainly a painful one so, the thought of falling in love with Donna is one he meets with great trepidation. What’s not to love though, she’s smart, cute, makes him laugh, and takes his geeky nature in her stride. There’s just the one issue really that has plagued him (literally on one occasion). The issue that always gets in the way. How does he explain to the girl he loves that he fought at the battle of Bannockburn, trained under Titian, had an affair with a King’s floosy, killed Nazis in France, and shagged a school Principal after she fired him?