Wanted: Beta Reader Volunteers

January has been spent editing the current Novel ‘Bonds’. I’m about two/thirds done on the first edit which I’ll hopefully have done by this weekend. Then comes a second edit and tidy-up before the next step. A step I haven’t done before but, is a necessary one if I’m going to take my writing seriously.

That step is Beta readers. That’s where you guys come in. I’m asking for a few volunteers to be my beta readers on this piece of work with the intention being that I’ll get you a copy of the manuscript by probably sometime during February with the hope you’d have feedback for me by a couple of weeks after that.

For those of you who do not know what Beta readers are I’ll attach a brief summary and some notes below. Depending on how many offers I get for this task I may need to reject some help as I would like three/four beta readers tops. Primarily I would like readers who are used to reading romance/thriller style books, and who are willing to give constructive feedback that will be helpful in developing the story, pointing out plot holes/mistakes, and commenting on character development.  

Here’s a link to a brief description of what a Beta Reader is:


Here’s a link to what writer’s are looking for from their Beta Readers:


Here’s a link to the kind of feedback writers hope for from their Beta Readers:


For anyone interested in being one of my Beta readers please contact me through the messaging facility here, by messenger on my Facebook account, or by e-mail (smacart2018@gmail.com). It’s unpaid work, I may not necessarily change anything due to your feedback (though it will be appreciated), and you can expect to see your name in print in the acknowledgements section of the finished book.

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