The edit on ‘Bonds’ continues (slowly) and I’m hopefully still on track for a Mid-April launch. In the past few weeks I’ve been tinkering with this novel, producing a cover (there’s a new one compared to my previous post – there was a quality issue) and making a new cover for my previous novel ‘One More Minute’. The intention being that all my work will have a similar style of cover and font usage in an effort to make my ‘brand’ more attractive.

‘OMM’ also received a much needed edit after I discovered some errors in it that had been hanging around for the last three years – my sincerest apologies to all my readers of that novel over the past few years for those mistakes which weren’t caught previously. I hope they didn’t distract too much and that you didn’t think I was too much of an idiot for not spotting them earlier.

I’ve also started work on a couple of short stories which will hopefully develop over the next month or so, and help build my catalog of stories for you all to enjoy.

Procrastination as ever is the enemy, but I’ll keep fighting the couch and TV in an effort to keep the writing going all at a steady pace. Back to work now (the daytime, bill paying one).

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